Meet the Refined Giving Team

David Whipp - Director

As head of the organisation I take ultimate responsibility for the management and operation of all the projects undertaken by Refined Giving. I am in charge of personnel; I interview prospective staff and oversee the progress of each employee, assisting them with any problems they encounter during their employment. The brunt of my daily work involves attempting to secure charity, corporate and government cooperation for potential projects. I also like to get directly involved with many of the projects, discussing ideas with staff and helping to move them forward. Working with such a bright and talented team ensures that each challenge we face can be met with skill, innovation and determination.

Steve Whipp - Director

I oversee the multiple projects carried out by the web team, ensuring that progress is being made and deadlines are being met. I provide the members of the web team access to the resources they need to work independently, be that through specific hardware, software or information. I also assist with the design of the website templates; I have ultimate decision over aesthetic and structural choices to ensure the websites fulfil the criteria required of them by the end user.

Rhys Collier - Finance Officer

Since I joined Refined Giving I have been involved in various roles. My main role here is to keep financial records and accounts. My day to day duties involves processing invoices, preparing cash flows and managing payments. In additon to this I also process employee times sheets and ensure all payments are correct and on time.

Mehul Shah - Web Developer

My role as a web developer involves the creation and maintenence of the Refined Giving website. With constant changes in the business, this is an exciting organisation to be a part of and often face new and challenging projects. This role has allowed me to work with members of Refined Giving as well as communicating with several other departments to meet requirements for the website. We often work to strict deadlines which provide us with exciting challenges.

Katherine Evans - Partnership and Development Officer

My role at Refined Giving includes creating partnerships with several charities in order for us to expand our charity portfolio for customers. This involves researching the charity and highlighting how the donation will make a difference to the chosen charity. I have worked as part of the research team developing the Refined Giving concept.

Rashpal Saini - Partnership and Development Officer

Following on from the successful launch of the ‘Gift My’ trading company, at Refined Giving I have been involved with developing charitable ways in which our waste management solutions can be taken up by key partners and supporter groups so everyone can have a go at ‘Refined Giving’. I want to make sure everyone has the capacity to ensure waste does not go to waste, especially with so many public benefits embedded in many products and materials.

Peter Mac - Research and Fundraising Officer

Initially, I progressively looked into the fundamentals of recycling and how Refined Giving can adapt its organisational operations to fully implement a greener solution. I helped create a comprehensive schedule that guided and tracked the team's progress in a campaign targeted at the youth in universities. In addition, I managed weekly meetings held with the Refined Giving team to help ensure everyone is reaching targets and updating the team on their progress. With the new social media tools, I created the foundation of our company image in Facebook and Twitter. Researching new ideas and marketing strategies to help communicate with mainstream consumers.