Waste Management

Have you ever considered whether there are more options to handling waste other than recycling? Rethink is our emerging concept, largely unknown in the waste management industry but hugely beneficial. Our approach asks for conscious decisions to be made when handling waste materials to bring about maximum financial, social, and environmental return. Refined Giving helps others to give waste a second thought but we also give practical demonstrations of the benefits and outcomes of targeted waste management through our not-for-profit waste management GIFT MY services.

Options for managing waste

Recycling is just one of four options when it comes to handling waste, and without public knowledge of the benefits and practicalities behind each waste management stream many lose out on maximising the value of waste. Next time you are looking to throw your used plastic bottle away, Rethink whether it should be recycled, remanufactured, reused or refined! As a result you could leave with greater social, environmental, and even financial return.